The idea of ISGE and its many features was the product of Len Troncale (pseudonym sometimes L.R. Constantino-Francona for essays and the arts). He began the foundation of this basic idea for teaching Environmental Education in 1975. However, its early, specific implementation was described in the NSF proposal of 1993.

Subsequently, he found other attempts at Integrated Science though they were quite different in the techniques and methods and extent of the integration. Here are some alternative examples:



FELLOWS: In 1972, Troncale founded the Institute for Advanced Systems Studies (IAS) at California State Polytechnic University. The President at the time was the first President of CPP, Dr. Robert Kramer, and given the recommendations of Deans of each School, and the IAS Director, he appointed about 35 Faculty Fellows to the IAS. The IAS lasted about 40 years and was only disbanded at the time of Troncale’s retirement. It is difficult to properly thank and credit the contributions of this Fellowship to the concepts of ISGE. Many have now passed away.