Current Status

The current status of ISGE is unfortunately in limbo.  The computer learning modules were originally programmed using Authorware Professional (AP) and serially upgraded to its latest version (AP7). They were desperately reprogrammed from the no-longer maintained AP7 to xxx in the early part of the new millennium as part of the 2nd NSF grant.

This sad tale is an often encountered failure of computer assisted instruction. AP was bought out by Macromind and that was bought out by a third larger company, Adobe, which ultimately decided to not continue upgrades of AP and cancelled its existence.

In addition, as soon as the founder/author retired from California State Polytechnic University in 2003 all the 14 interdisciplinary courses of the Institute for Advanced Systems Studies and the trilogy of ISGE courses were dropped and eliminated from the official catalogue and are no longer offered, unless the founder/author volunteers his time.

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