Wilson Trust

In 2018, Dr. Troncale accepted responsibility for designing an office in Southern California that would contain and disseminate the entire archives of Dr. Albert G. Wilson, who passed away at 95 years old. Albert was a close friend of Dr. Troncale, and they shared a collegial friendship and mutual support and stimulation relationship for about half a century.

Due to the great generosity of the Wilson Trustee’s, that same office was allowed to include:

  • the entire archives of Troncale,
  • the archives of the IAS (Institute for Advanced Systems Studies),
  • the archives of the ISGE (Integrated Science General Education Program),
  • the physical archives of the ISSS (International Society for the Systems Sciences),
  • the electronic archives of ISSS,
  • the archives of the ISSP (International Society for Systems Pathology), and
  • the ongoing archives of two research projects and the
  • associated Computerized Open Relational Data Base of INCOSE (International Council on Systems Engineering).

It should be clear to the reader that ALL of these 9 endeavors are synergetic, non-profit, and rigorously systems-based. So this So. Cal. office of the Wilson Trust became quickly a single valuable repository of systems knowledge. The Wilson Trust has, therefore, decided to fund the office into perpetuity with the following grants:

  • As Proof of Concept, from 2017 to 2019: