Cross Module Bridges

These are commonalities or similarities, integrative in nature, BETWEEN the conventional SCIENCES and NON-SCIENCE FIELDS such as music or economics, or art. For example, languages, genetics of DNA in biology (or RNA or Proteins for that matter), and the notes in music are all SEQUENCES. They obey the same rules in the sciences and non-sciences. More dramatically, they have the same mechanisms for causing variation to occur. Another example, would be the invention of coins or money, necessary in human economics when it became sufficiently complex a system, just as there was need to select for and develop ATP in physiology when the cell became sufficiently complex.

Another example we capture in a animation is the common role and function of “ATP” in the physiological context of the “cell” and the role/function that “coins” or “money” plays in human economics. Click this for the animation:  xxxx

After completing the entire ISGE curriculum, the students should have a large set of learned such bridges which show similarities even between science and other approaches to life. This would be the ultimate INTEGRATION and lead to a sense in the graduate that the world is one.