ISIS Referrals

ISGE used the acronym ISIS long before it became infamous in the Middle East. In our case the acronym letters stood for (I)ntegrated (S)cience (I)nternet (S)ites. Of course, the first two letters were an obvious reference to the acronym ISGE itself.

There are a number of Internet Sites that contain information relevant to the revolution of knowledge inherent in ISGE knowledge re-organization and signification. They are either on the natural phenomena ISGE covers or its systems process-based Integrative Themes. We intended to pepper our modules with URLs for interesting follow-up information on our meaning of the acronym ISIS. This would make a much larger exploration territory open for ISGE students to sample. Now, with the corruption of the acronym in our culture, we are not so sure we should pursue this multimedia/internet feature. It clearly has multimedia and learning aid functions.