Face-to-Face Elements

In the assessments for this course, we specifically asked if the students wanted only the online experience, or if they valued the personal, face-to-face components. They clearly indicated that the face-to-face component was desired and they refused the entirely online only alternative. Now this was in the nineties. It is not necessarily the case in the 2020’s. We  need more recent assessment data to continue to argue for inclusion of this component.

Even modern-day students, raised all of their lives on a rich and diverse range of computer applications, have informed us that they would very much miss the human interactions typical of classroom sessions. So we designed three specific face-to-face activities to accompany the intense online learning required for ISGE, namely:

  • Student Face-to-Face Discussion
  • Faculty Debates on alternative positions for the Months Isomorphies
  • Student Face-to-Face Question-Generating Sessions