Transdisciplinary Labs

It is usually considered very, very important that even GE science courses give students direct experience of what it means TO DO science. For us this means that all GE science courses should have laboratories.

SO in this ISGE case, the labs need to have the additional feature of being transdisciplinary. “TRANS” means “across” and so for ISGE means NOT RESTRICTED to one conventional science discipline. As themes, we use “systems” “isomorphies” or processes, patterns, and pathologies that are consistent across many disciplines and even across different phenomena in the same discipline. We have designed composite LABS that we call TLABS that as much as possible combine investigations of the isomorphic Integrative Theme in the modules just taken by the students from the following domains:

  • Biology Lab Exercises or Experiments
  • Geology Lab Exercises or Experiments
  • Physics Lab Exercises or Experiments
  • Astronomy/Cosmology Exercises or Experiments
  • Chemistry Exercises or Experiments
  • Mathematical Exercises or Experiments
  • Computer Science Exercises or Experiments

into one long protocol.