CSU System

While Cal Poly Pomona was the home and originator of ISGE, it was always intended to serve all of the California Statue University System’s 23 campuses. This sections lists and compares the contributions of other campuses (specifically CSU, Monterey Bay and CSU, Sonoma) to the development and assessment of ISGE. It also includes some of the funding for ISGE that came directly from special System-Wide programs for advancement of educational innovation.

Here is a listing of the specific individual grants and their sources:

  • $19,800 at CSU, Monterey Bay for salaries for two multimedia production assistants to help in their test dissemination of ISGE multimedia course ware and learning lab, June, 1995
  • $274,000 at CSU, Monterey Bay for the purchase of multimedia computers and furniture for ISGE computerized learning lab and designation of Bldg 10 as the “Integrated Science Multimedia Cottage,” June, 1995 (remain at CSUMB; used for ISGE only 1 semester; reallocated to Earth Systems Science program)
  • $17,200 consultant fees and travel grants for test dissemination of ISGE program to CSUMB, Summer and Fall, 1995

Attached here is a summary chart of all of the past sources of funding for the ISGE Program to compare their relative contributions as well as other early contributions to systems education in general that also were re-designed to enhance the ISGE offerings.