Domain Integrators

These are process mechanisms that unite a wide range of data and results WITHIN  one of the conventional sciences NOT ACROSS. For example, DNA Genetics unites much data across many specific mechanisms in biology. Evolution unites much data across all scales of biology. Continental drift unites much data in geology. Gravitation and Motion units much of physics. Fields and Symmetry also unite much of physics. Since each of these unites a lot of data, it functions as an “Integrator” for that discipline called here a “domain.” This strategy or  ISGE procedure is a pull-down menu with a page dedicated to each “Domain” Integrator. Our programming is intended to enable the student to “pull together” the many case studies across the entire library of ISGE modules, presentations that fall under ONE DISCIPLINARY DOMAIN INTEGRATOR. So it enables another strategy for “integration, synthesis, and unification.”