Publication Plans


ISGE needs a book-length description of the material covered in this website explaining the product itself. It also needs and would benefit a textbook that describes the unification of the knowledge base and the revolution in thinking it entails or enables. Further, we can imagine the need for lab books and workbooks to accompany the product. Thus, the ISGE is not just a marketing of software product, it is a virtual publication series.

This reminds us of an apocryphal story from the history of ISGE. The federal government agency that helped ISGE get started with two initial grants, the prestigious National Science Foundation, is extremely interested in its grants leading to new industries and products that can be marketed. This is how the NSF justifies the billions of dollars that the taxpayer invests in NSF basic and educational research each year. So they organized a meeting of major publishers in New York thinking that they too would be excited about a book length rendition of the ISGE knowledge base. However,

Subsequently, the author of ISGE found that not only the publishing world was fixed in concrete regarding its silo organization of the universe.