Academic Year

The completion of the ISGE academic year should satisfy ALL of the science requirements for the average non-science, non-engineering major.

Why is ISGE not useful for GE for the science and engineering majors? Many science and engineering majors require a wide range of science courses for and as PREREQUISITES for later courses that are required for their B.S. degrees. These science and engineering majors at one time were requiring more and more units to each the basic degree. Institutions across the country try to keep undergraduate degree units to a modest, common level. In our experience, the academic senates have allowed most science and engineering majors to consequently schedule these PREREQUISITES as their required GE. This leaves almost no SCIENCE GE requirement that is NOT ALREADY SPECIFIED by the catalogue for those science and engineering degrees, consequently eliminating the opportunity for their majors to experience transdisciplinary viewpoints and learning.

We have talked with numerous science students who wanted to get this new worldview in their education. We encourage that, however, these units would NOT count to their earning their degree. Most students are reluctant to take any courses that do not count to their degree.